Zinn Custom Kitchens: About Doors and Drawers

Doors and Drawers
We employ several types of joinery to provide an elegant yet durable door for our customers.

  • Cope and stick is similar to a mortise and tenon.  It's the traditional method for assembling doors and produces both square and arched doors.
  • Mitered doors allow for a highly profiled door frame but not for arches on the top or bottom. They are secured with a complex mortise and tenon system.
  • With all our doors we use a floating panel system which allows for stability through the humid summer and dry winter months.
  • Hinges bring the doors into function and we use what we believe to be the best. Blum® for a fully concealed look and Youngdale® Knife hinges with a self closing feature.
  • French Dovetails are created by making a tapered groove in the drawer front,a matching tapered tenon on the side and sliding them securely together.
  • Halfblind Dovetails are visible from the side of the opened drawer and
     provide a decorative look. Its advantage comes from a locking
    effect which prevents the drawer front from coming loose from the sides.
French Dovetail
  • Pullout shelves are made using our french dovetail and operate on Knape & Vogt full extension slides.
  • All our drawers have an enclosed bottoms and come standard with Blum Tandem®
    concealed full extension slides.  The slides soft close feature prevents drawers from slamming shut.

Halfblind Dovetail